Track Processor - one more tool for GPS track analizing
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Autor:  dimonster2 [ So Okt 01, 2017 10:38 am ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Track Processor - one more tool for GPS track analizing

Hi, people.
Let me introduce one more software tool for GPS track analizing, smoothing and editing.
The program TrackProcessor is designed for processing, visualization and analysis of GPS tracks.
Allows you to read formats GPX, NMEA, Columbus V-900/990 CSV and debugging PVT files of navigators Magellan eXplorist x10 series. The results are recorded in GPX format.

Main features of the program:

Smoothing tracks with different filters
various operations with tracks - the combination of tracks, the division of the track into pieces (by time, distance, manually ...), the generalization of the track (reducing the number of points provided that the track is saved), etc.
display your tracks on the online maps
view statistics on the track, view speed profiles and altitude.

The ideology of the program is based on the fact that there is no "universal" way to completely remove noise from a track recorded in real conditions. But for each track, you can reduce the noise level to an acceptable level using different smoothing algorithms. The selection of the algorithm for smoothing and its parameters for each track is generally individual. Moreover, in many cases it may be necessary to consistently apply several filters.

Home page: ... -processor (in russian. Use Google translate)
Download link: ... ects=0&d=1 (or use link from the bottom of home page)

TrackProcessor_profiles.PNG [ 31.69 KiB | 7951-mal betrachtet ]
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TrackProcessor_main.PNG [ 43.08 KiB | 7951-mal betrachtet ]

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